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SECTION 7: Law Course Descriptions-2000 Level
Course Code
LAW 2400  Credits View Details
Title Wills and Succession 
Description (Formerly 045.240) The law of testate and intestate succession, Part IV of The Marital Property Act, and The Dependents' Relief Act. 

Course Code
LAW 2490  Credits View Details
Title Trusts 
Description (Formerly 045.249) The nature and functions of modern inter vivos and testamentary trusts. The creation of express, private trusts, charitable trusts, resulting trusts, and constructive trusts. The administration of trusts, and real and personal remedies of beneficiaries under trusts. 

Course Code
LAW 2510  Credits View Details
Title Problems in Contract and Tort 
Description (Formerly 045.251) A detailed study of significant topics in the area of tort and contract at an advanced level. Special attention will be paid to the inter-relationship of the two subject areas. 

Course Code
LAW 2530  Credits View Details
Title Debtors' and Creditors' Rights 
Description (Formerly 045.253) Remedies of the unsecured creditor, enforcement of judgments, fraudulent conveyances and preferences, general assignments and bankruptcy. Mechanics' liens and special rights arising out of builders' and workers' legislation relating to real estate transactions. 

Course Code
LAW 2600  Credits View Details
Title Evidence 
Description (Formerly 045.260) A study of the rules relating to the admissibility and weight of evidence in judicial proceedings. 

Course Code
LAW 2640  Credits View Details
Title Family Law 
Description (Formerly 045.264) An overview of key legal issues regarding familial relationships and family breakdown in Canadian society. Topics include cohabitation, marriage, separation, divorce, child custody and access, spousal and child support and property division. 

Course Code
LAW 2650  Credits View Details
Title Introduction to Advocacy 
Description (Formerly 045.265) A detailed study of the conduct of a case from its inception through to trial. The course requires that students prepare and conduct a trial. Grading: Pass/Fail. 

Course Code
LAW 2670  Credits View Details
Title Civil Procedure 
Description (Formerly 045.267) An introduction to the rules of civil procedure. 

Course Code
LAW 2680  Credits View Details
Title Legal Negotiation 
Description (Formerly 045.268) Most legal disputes settle before trial. This course examines how lawyers assist their clients through effective interviewing, counseling, strategic planning and negotiation as well as some of the mechanisms, both judicial and non-judicial, that facilitate pre-trial dispute settlement. 

Course Code
LAW 2690  Credits View Details
Title Corporations I 
Description (Formerly 045.269) A study of the major legal, practical and policy issues arising out of the formation and operation of business organizations in Canada, with a particular focus on business corporations. Students will examine major principles of Canadian corporate law, including corporate personality, management power, majority rule and minority protection. 

Course Code
LAW 2700  Credits View Details
Title Income Tax Law and Policy 
Description (Formerly 045.270) The object of this course is to develop a working knowledge of the basic principles and rules of the income tax system as these apply to individuals. A parallel objective is the discovery of the major policy positions that inform the personal income tax system and the development of the ability to use tax policy analysis to evaluate advantages of, and problems with, the current system.