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Chapter Contents

SECTION 1: Degree Programs Offered

SECTION 2: The Profession and the Faculty of Law

2.1    The Study of Law

2.2    Clinical Learning

2.3    Research and Publications

2.4    Faculty of Law Centres of Excellence

2.5    Student Organizations

SECTION 3: Admission to the Faculty of Law

3.1    Course Requirements for Admission to J.D. Program

SECTION 4: Academic Regulations

4.1    Residence Requirements for J.D. Degree

4.2    Licence to Practise Law

4.3    Regulations of the Faculty of Law

4.4    Miscellaneous Registration Matters

SECTION 5: Program Requirements

5.1    First Year

5.2    Second Year Only

5.3    Second Year or Third Year

SECTION 6: Registration

SECTION 7: Law Course Descriptions