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8.10.8 Theatre Program - Film History
Active as of Fall 2016

Course Code
FILM 1310  Credits  
Title Film History 
Description In this course students will examine films from more than one period in film history, exploring the relationships among and between films in terms of genre, style, theme, structure, and other aesthetic elements. Students will study films selected from various periods of world cinema, taking into consideration how and in what ways films bear the traces of their time and place, or are affiliated with relevant movements in art, history, or society, or have been shaped by technical and artistic developments in the art of film. Students may not hold credit for FILM 1310 and the former FILM 1300 (152.130). Prerequisite: [a grade of "C" or better in FILM 1290 (152.129)] or written consent of instructor. 
Faculty/School Arts 
Department English, Film, and Theatre