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4.10 Mechanical Engineering - 4.10 Mechanical Engineering

Head: Dr. D. Kuhn, P.Eng.

Associate Heads: Dr. M. Birouk, P.Eng. and Dr. M. Tachie, P.Eng.

General Office: E2 -327 EITC

Telephone: 204 474 9804 / 6630

Fax: 204 275 7507



The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a fully accredited degree program.  Students entering the Mechanical Engineering program may specialize with an option in Aerospace or Manufacturing, or a stream in Materials, Solid Mechanics, or Thermofluids. Students are urged to consult appropriate program requirements shown for each option/stream.

The Mechanical Engineering program provides the education required by those who wish to practice in Mechanical Engineering that embraces, among other subdivisions, the design of mechanical devices and systems, manufacturing engineering and management, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, power generation and utilization, air con­ditioning, the material sciences, and the aeronautical sciences.

The Mechanical Engineering Program offers basic training in the sciences, mathematics and fundamental engineering subjects followed by more specialized discipline-related subjects.  Students are allowed to choose technical electives to suit their career objectives and are also required to take complementary studies electives related to social issues.

Co-operative Education Programs

Please refer to SECTION 5: Co-operative Education and Industrial Internship Programs.